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The art of roadmap

I enjoy planning because when planning anything seems possible.On the other side, I don’t like plans because they represent the clash between our expectations and reality. To be precise, what I really don’t like is plan adherence, especially when used as success measure. Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower When I joined Deeper Insights the first step was to learn the way of work and the way of managing work, we can call it company culture. After

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Roadmap review and retrospective 2019: DevOps Enterprise

2019: DevOps Enterprise Organization Team organization, communication and collaboration Community build and growth Scale knowledge DevOps maturity Work Management Workflow visibility DevOpsDays Portugal Organize the DevOpsDays first edition in Portugal Reading Read at least 6 books The 2019 year was dedicated to DevOps Enterprise. I was really keen to know if challenges described in books like The Phoenix Project were true. Guess what!? They are. Organization Team organization, communication and collaboration A team is probably the most dynamic element in

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Roadmap review and retrospective 2018: Azure Power

2018: Azure Power Azure Resources Monitoring PowerShell Build functions and modules Testing Infrastructure (Pester) Database (tSQLt) Docker Add containers to the deployment pipeline Open Source Create a open source project: OctoDeployPower (Octopus Deploy + PowerShell in order to get a pipeline was code) I started 2018 with a new work achievement by writing an article for InfoQ: Why and How Database Changes Should Be Included in the Deployment Pipeline. The article’s title couldn’t be more explicit regarding the article’s content.

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DevOpsDays Copenhagen April 24th 2018, Deployment pipeline for databases

DevOpsDays Copenhagen was my first DevOpsDays event and it was my first time in Copenhagen. I really enjoyed Copenhagen, it doesn’t feel like a big city. It’s very organized, cozy and everybody is very friendly. The all logistic for me was very simple:  5 minutes by train from airport to city center, 5 minutes walking from the train station to the hotel, 15 minutes walking from hotel to conference venue. The mornings were rainy and at the afternoons the sun

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SQLSaturday Porto 2017

At SQLSaturday Porto 2017 edition I was speaker and a member of the organization team of the event. From the organization perspective the event went smother than the previous year. We were happy with the improvements that we were able to made. My presentation was about how to set a WordPress website using Azure Web Apps and a Azure Database for MySQL but the “demo gods” were not on my side, and the last demo crashed. However the interaction with

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WinOps London 2017

WinOps London 2017 was my first international conference as speaker. WinOps it’s conference dedicated to DevOps in the “Windows world” and I’m proud to have been part of the event. At the time I was excited and scared, the lineup of speakers was great: Jeffrey Snover, Steve Thair, Elton Stoneman, Rob Reynolds and others. I also found two familiar faces: Alex Yates and Ed Elliott. I felt like a little kid playing with the big game with the grown ups. It was a

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