DevOpsDays Copenhagen April 24th 2018, Deployment pipeline for databases

DevOpsDays Copenhagen was my first DevOpsDays event and it was my first time in Copenhagen.

I really enjoyed Copenhagen, it doesn’t feel like a big city. It’s very organized, cozy and everybody is very friendly.

The all logistic for me was very simple:  5 minutes by train from airport to city center, 5 minutes walking from the train station to the hotel, 15 minutes walking from hotel to conference venue.

The mornings were rainy and at the afternoons the sun came to visit us. Independently of the weather I was able to sightseeing by bike – it’s a great way to know the city.

I presented my talk in the first day of the conference. The selected talk was “Deployment pipeline for databases” and I was very happy with audience reaction – lot of questions and interest in knowing more.

The conference had an interesting structure: talks in the morning, ignite talks after lunch, flowed by open-space group discussions. I really enjoyed the ignite talks, it’s interesting to see a topic addressed in only 5 minutes. However, the 45 minutes time slots for the open-space discussion seemed to much time per slot.

I loved the simplicity and efficiency of all conference. The DevOpsDays Copenhagen team made a great job by creating a open and welcoming environment, so well done.

Here’re the slides of my talk:

You can also check the recording at Youtube:

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