About me

eduMy name is Eduardo Piairo and I work @ Basecone as Operations engineer in a “DevOps” way.

I’m  a development pipeline craftsman with particular focus on source control (SC), continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) for applications, databases and infrastructure.

As a operations engineer I have special interest in infrastructure as code (IaC). As database administrator I have special interest in database changes management, data modeling and testing. I like to think that teh database is another importent step of the software deveelopment process.

I recently became a test enthusiast (it’s kind of my second discipline) because involve automation and business logic. I especially like integration tests because alloes to see the system behavior.

As “DevOps prosecutor” automation, collaboration and communication are my priorities. My daily mission is to mitigate the “pain” associated to the agile development process pain through DevOps. In other words, try to achieve the balance between business and business materialization.

My professional experience in electronics motivates me to explore and play with Arduino and Raspberry pi PI (IoT fan). My professional experience in teaching (electronics and computer science) and my will to share led me to write this blog.

I became a “community addicted” by being a member of Porto.Data user group, by helping to organize the SQLSaturday Porto Conference, and by trying to go to others community’s conferences as attendee or as speaker.

My most recent project is called DevOps Porto and it’s a user group created by me and my friend Miguel Alho with the purpose to promote the discussion and knowledge sharing around the DevOps topic.

I like what I do and all my projects are important. However, my best and successful project is my family.


When I’m not working on my projects I take the opportunity to ride my bike.

If you want to talk with me about these topics or any other (or even join me in a bike ride) you can reach me through:

  • eduardopiairo@outlook.com (email)
  • @EdPiairo (twitter)
  • Eduardo Piairo (linkedin)


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