Hello, my name is Eduardo!

I work as Operations Engineer @ Deeper Insights and my mission is to support the building and deployment processes for Machine Learning models. ML is a new area for me and despite my starting point being the operations chapter for this new learning journey, I’m taking the path to become a Software Engineer / Architect in order to build applications, systems, platforms capable to support the ML lifecycle.

Meanwhile, and taking advantage of my experience in Agile development and DevOps practices, I’m leading my team to learn how to manage work by making work visible. In other words, I’m helping my team to learn to build a business instead of “just” building software.

I really enjoy to build stuff: pipelines, software and communities. That’s why I’m always ready to learn the “path to production” for applications, databases and infrastructure by applying a set of practices like source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery. I especially like to explore the balance between the technical side and the cultural side. The deployment pipeline is my favourite technical and cultural tool.

In the community chapter, together with my friend Miguel Alho in October 2016, I founded the user group DevOps Porto, a community with the purpose of building bridges between development, operations, communities, companies, people  and share the DevOps culture, values and practices.

More recently in 2019, together with the community DevOps Lisbon and DevOps Porto, I helped to make the first DevOpsDays conference in Portugal a reality. And while I’m writing this, I helping to organize the DevOpsDays Portugal 2020 edition.

When I’m not working on my projects I take every chance to play and have fun with my family – my wife and my two boys are my best supporters.

When I’m lucky enough to have some free time: option 1 – make that time as free as possible by not making absolutely nothing; option 2 – ride my bike.

If you want to talk with me about these topics or any other (or even join me in a bike ride) you can reach me through:

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