This page is dedicated to the database automation journey. I have divided this journey in three stages:

  1. Database Source Control
  2. Database Continuous Integration
  3. Database Continuous Delivery


Automation is the best, and faster, way to became an expert. This is true mainly because of two reasons:

  • When it works, it really works;
  • When it not works, you know way it not works (at least you should know).

As anything else, automation have various perspectives. I like to enumerate two of them:

  • Management perspective: need for speed (time-to-market);
  • Operations people: need for control (error control).

Both perspectives define automation as a positive aspect. In other words, automation allows to build a bridge between business and business operationalization (the need of change vs the fear of change).

The post “Database automation motivation” describes the various reasons that lead me to invest in automating the database development process.


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