Porto.Data December 15th 2015, Road to database automation

Last Tuesday (15 December 2015) I made my first presentation in Porto.Data community. “Road to database automation” was the title and the this session had two main goals: discuss the challenges of database inclusion in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and present a set of strategies and tools to achieve this inclusion. The effort of database inclusion in the “agile context” is designated as Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) and is composed by 3 main parts: database source control, database continuous

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Arduino Christmas Lights

One of my first projects using Arduino happened during the Christmas season, so seemed a good idea to create Christmas lights to illuminate and brighten the house. The first step is to gather the necessary hardware: 1 x Arduino, I used the Arduino 2009; 2 x breadboard, should be enough to perform the tests; 1 x switch button, it will be used to switch between the diferrent lightning effects; 8 x red LEDs 8 x green LEDs 8 x yellow

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