Roadmap review and retrospective 2022: Business Operations

The Roadmap Managing Goals Certification Reading Writing Community Open-source Training The Review The year 2022 started with a new challenge – managing business operations (BizOps). My mission was to support all the necessary operations to develop the company’s business. To achieve that missing I needed to align activities and information between areas like finance, marketing, sales, people, and of course engineering. Despite liking working at the business level, I missed engineering. So, in September I decided to change company –

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Roadmap review and retrospective 2021: Managing Operations

The Roadmap Programming Language(s) Certification Reading Writing Community R&D The Review With the Operations team growing and the business also growing, 2021 was dedicated to managing and scaling operations in order to support the company’s quick growth. I’m quite good at managing work, managing people was a new challenge. Managing people is hard, but when you start to get the hang of it is very rewarding. Programming Language(s) I continued using and improving Python. I wasn’t able to dedicate some

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Roadmap review and retrospective 2020: MLOps

The Roadmap Architecture MLOps Python Cloud Providers Kubernetes Monitoring DevOpsDays Portugal 2020 edition Reading Blog The Review New year in a new company with a lot of new things to learn. The main topic is Machine Learning since it’s the core discipline of Deeper Insights, my new company. Architecture I improved my knowledge of systems architecting since this year’s work included: MLOps In order to do a good job as an Operations Engineer, it was important to acquire knowledge about

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