Flyway command-line easy setup

One of the reasons for adopting the Flyway command-line was the easy setup process (no need to install). First, I will show how to set up Flyway for a single database, i.e., as if have only one database in your server, and than the setup for multiple databases in a server. Single database You can download Flyway command-line here. After downloading and extracting you have the following folders/files structure: In this case, it’s only necessary to work the “flyway.conf” file

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Flyway: “Hello database migrations”

Flyway is a open source database migration tool that allows you to manage database changes using migrations. Last week the version 4.0.1 has been released and I decided to write my first post about Flyway. I started to use Flyway command-line almost 3 years ago (version 2.2.1) and the main reason that took me to use and keep using nowadays is: it’s simplicity, “database migrations made easy”. This key factor is translated into the following: Zero dependencies (you need java and

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