Roadmap review and retrospective 2017: DevOps way


  • DevOps as Code
  • Pipeline – the ultimate cultural tool
  • Delivering changes for databases (including databases in the DevOps routine)


  • Data masking
  • Data generation

Source Control

  • Redgate SQL Source Control
  • Migrations vs State

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins 2
  • TeamCity
  • Travis CI
  • VSTS Build

Continuous Delivery

  • Octopus Deploy (@ Linux)
  • VSTS Release Management

Configuration Management

  • Puppet


  • Elastic stack (Logstash, Elastic Search, Kibana)


  • Azure Monitor
  • Datadog


  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Web Apps
  • SQL Database


  • The basics – resources creation, configuration, management
  • CloudFormation


  • SQL Source Control
  • DLM Automation
  • DLM Dashboard
  • SQL Clone
  • SQL Monitor

Looking at this roadmap and thinking about what I was able to do, the first improvement is: making smaller roadmaps, I need to be more focused on the covered subjects.

  • DevOps
    • This year the discussion around DevOps was about it’s implementation (“how to get Devops!?”).
    • I dedicated lot of time and effort talking and writing about the deployment pipeline as a cultural and technical organization tool.
    • The same happen with the how and the why database changes should be included in deployment pipeline together with application development.
  • Database
    • Data masking – topic not covered (but since in 2018 GDPR is arriving I will comeback to this topic).
    • Data generation – topic not covered.
  • Continuous Integration
    • Gained a good knowledge and experience using TeamCity.
    • Continued to deepen my VSTS build knowledge.
    • Made the first approach to TravisCI and AppVeyor.
  • Configuration Management
    • Made a good introduction in the use of Puppet.
  • Logging
    • Created the ELK stack – single node and cluster.
  • Monitoring
    • Gained a good knowledge about Azure Monitor, Applications Insights.
    • Made an introduction to Datadog and NewRelic.
  • Azure
    • Deepened my Azure knowledge (PaaS approach)
  • AWS
    • Made the introduction to AWS and CloudFormation.
    • I’m now able to make a basic comparison between the two cloud providers.
  • Redgate
    • Topic not covered

At professional level it was a good adaptation year working at Basecone (different cultures, different way of working).

As a speaker I made my first international experience in WinOps London conference.

And in my personal life my family just got bigger – my son Vasco born in the summer (June 3rd).

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