Agile, Scrum and DevOps – The workshop

The workshop “Agile, Scrum and DevOps – Let’s Play with LEGO” is part of  TugaIT 2017 conference schedule and will happen at May 18th. TugaIT 2017 is one the greatest Portuguese IT conference and will happen between May 18th and 20th – 3 days with sessions and workshops to provide the highest possible quality training and knowledge to the community, on a variety of topics.

My friend and agile coach Nuno Rafael Gomes (@nrgomes) challenged me to take his original workshop about Lean, Agile and LEGO Serious Play (more info here) and introduce the DevOps perspective to the workshop. From our numerous discussions about Scrum and Agile he knew that I love to deconstruct Scrum, so it was easy to me to accept the challenge.

Develop software is not enough anymore, you need to deliver it. This is the trademark to my contribution to this workshop where my purpose is to introduce the DevOps values, practices and challenges. In other words, my mission is to demonstrate how DevOps can improve the way you deliver software. I like to call it the “Beyond Scrum” approach, where DevOps arises as the answer to the challenges that Scrum brought to the software development and was not able to solve.

The best part of the workshop is that we will do this playing a game using LEGO. We can garante lot of learning and fun.

Our objectives are:

  • Learn through practice what the agile values really mean
  • Deeply understand the roles, events and artifacts of Scrum
  • Understand the power of Systems Thinking, Feedback Amplification and Continuous Learning
  • Establish the relationship between Scrum and DevOps
  • Understand the 3 ways of DevOps

Topics that we will cover:

  • All 4 agile values
  • All Scrum values, roles, events and artifacts
  • The DevOps definition
  • The 3 ways of DevOps
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Theory of Constrains
  • Continuous Improvement (kaizen)

Required materials:

  • You just need to bring fun, good mood, and desire to learn!

This workshop is intended to everyone, independently of the knowledge level about Agile, Scrum and DevOps. If you don’t know what is Scrum,, or you never heard about DevOps or Agile, or you already know what’s each one of the topics, join us. We garante that everyone will learn something new!

You can register here: Agile, Scrum and Devops – Let’s play LEGO

Hope to see you May 18th in Lisbon with us.

DevOps Porto as TugaIT 2017 participating community

TugaIT is one the the greatest IT conferences that happens in Portugal. The TugaIT 2017 edition will happen between 18 and 20 of May in Lisbon (Microsoft HQ).

This 3 day conference includes workshops and talks and the following tracks: Azure Infrastructure, Agile & DevOps, Integration, Microsoft Data Platform, Office 365, Open Source Data Platform, PowerShell, Professional Development, Programming, SharePoint.

As a member of DevOps Porto I’m proud to represent one of the participating communities of TugaIT 2017. As a member of this community we hope to contribute to a high quality conference.

If you would like to be a speaker I would like to invite you to submit your talk (or talks): Call For Speakers.

Hope to see you all at the conference, as a speaker or as attendee.

DevOps Porto

In the beginning of 2016 I started to build an idea with Miguel Alho about creating a DevOps group where developers, operations, coaches, managers and everyone else involved in the software development pipeline could share opinions, discuss different points of view and, most important,  learn from each other.

While we shared the same company (Miguel as developer, me as operations), we saw how important communication, negotiation and learning between development and operations was in order to relieve the delivery pain. We specially enjoyed the discussion process and the collaborative learning process. So we thought: why not to extend this to more people?

During a conference in June at Porto city I was able to meet Manuel Pais, DevOps Lisbon founder, and shared with him our intention of creating a DevOps group in Porto. He liked and encouraged us to materialize our idea. Filipe Correia, was part of that conference organization team, also liked the idea and got interested being a part of this DevOps adventure.

In July 2016 we launched the DevOps Porto group and added to the Filipe Correia to the team.

DevOps Porto – Who are we?

IT professionals from  the North of Portugal (especially Porto city) interested in the values, culture and practices related to DevOps.

DevOps Porto – Our mission

To build bridges between development and operations, communities, companies, PEOPLE.

DevOps Porto – Our Goals

  • Create a community around DevOps movement
  • Promote discussion around DevOps practices
  • Promote the sharing of DevOps related knowledge

DevOps Porto – Where you can find us?

We had our first meetp in October 2016 together with Agile Connect (our first bridge with a community) and our second meetup in January 2017 with Mindera (our first bridge with a company). Our plan for 2017 is to organize a meetup every two months, with the next one in March.

Meanwhile, the team has grown with Miguel David, Elisete Cruz and Cesar Rodrigues joining us. It’s a great team. Everyone is welcome to our meetups and to our team. Just search us on the meetup website or talk with us on slack. Join the team and help us to build bridges around DevOps.